Improved indoor air quality and energy savings

The main benefits to having your ducts cleaned are an improved living environment and energy savings on your heating and cooling bills. According to NADCA it is typical in a 6 room home to create 40 pounds of dust annually. Ducts are often forgotten and will accumulate a variety of contaminants including pollen, dander and mold which are circulated throughout the heating system and your living environment. For more information about the benefits of having your heating and ventilation system cleaned why not check out NADCA’ FAQ page at

You can feel confident choosing Pro Steam for your Commercial or Residential Duct

Cleaning needs

A Properly Cleaned System

We use the source removal method which is recommended by NADCA (North American Duct Cleaning Association). (NADCA clickable, linked to NADCA website). An 8” hose coming from a very powerful duct cleaning truck is attached to one side of the main duct, this places the system completely under a vacuum pressure allowing no particles to escape and draws the dust and contaminates to the truck. Then a variety of different tools attached to a high pressure air line producing up to 300 psi of airflow are ran through the entire ducting system in order to agitate the dust andcontaminates and move them towards the 8” vacuum hose where the contaminates are collected by the vacuum truck.

Inspection Cameras are used to verify that the system has been cleaned properly


At Pro Steam we have over 18 years’ experience. We have the knowledge and equipment to clean almost any commercial or residential buildings HVAC ducting system.

You will not have to wait for us to arrive to your appointment

We have a reputation in the communities we serve as a company with integrity. We understand that your time is just as important as ours. That is why if you have an appointment scheduled with us you can be sure a technician will be there on time with the proper tools, ready to work. In Case of an accident we carry liability insurance as well as WSIB.